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WaziGate quick start

A short introduction…

…for the fast and the furious.

If you already have some experience with Raspberry PI, get your WaziGate started and running in a breeze! You need also a LoRa Hat (WaziHat, RAK, or HT-M01) with the antenna attached. If you are unsure, please follow our step by step guide.

Step #1: Download and flash the latest Wazigate ISO image.

Step #2: Once the WaziGate is flashed, boot it up and connect to its UI. You can connect to the UI using:

  • The WaziGate Hotspot.
  • An ethernet cable connected to a local router.
  • An HDMI screen (you need to connect it before switching on the RPI).

The WaziGate UI will be available in your browser at http://wazigate.local. Please allow at least 10 min for the first boot, before connecting.

Step #3: Once inside the UI, configure your Wifi:

wifi password
wifi password

Step #4: Configure also your Cloud credentials in the Sync panel. Your can get your Cloud credentials at http://dashboard.waziup.io.

Active Sync
Active Sync

You are ready to go! Next, follow our LoRaWAN tutorial.