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V1 API Reference

API V1 is archived. You should use API V2 instead.

The API documentation is available at https://api.waziup.io/docs. With this website, you can explore and interact with all the endpoints of the Waziup API.


The first step is to install the “cURL” command. Curl is a very neat command to interact with REST APIs, using the HTTP protocol. If not already installed on your system, it can be found here: https://curl.haxx.se/ For Windows, it can be downloaded here. Unzip the file somewhere. You can then open a “Command” window, and go in the “bin” folder than you extracted. The commands below can now be copy-pasted and executed in the command window. You can also install the jq command. It allows to pretty-print JSON informations.


Once the preliminaries completed, head to the following tutorials:


If your application is written in Javascript, you can use the Waziup library instead of using directly the API. It’s easier! All documentation is provided in the README files in the repository.

Migration from previous version

If you have an application using previous versions of the API, use the migration guide.