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Waziup platform overview

An Introduction

The Waziup Platform has three elements:

WaziDev is a Sensing and Actuation platform for your applications! It can send your data up to 7 Km using the LoRa technology. It is easily programmable and customizable, using Arduino technology. It is an ideal solution for start-ups and entrepreneurs who want to rapidly prototype an IoT application. Its has:

  • Arduino Pro Mini compatible CPU
  • RFM95W LoRa module
  • Fully compatible with the Arduino development environment
  • Embedded Lipo battery charger for solar panels and low power options
  • Two pins with high current support (500mA)

The WaziDev can send LoRaWAN messages to any LoRaWAN gateways (not just WaziGate). Don’t have a WaziDev? No problem! You can use any Arduino-compatible platform, such as MKR 1300.

WaziGate is a LoRaWAN Gateway, ideal for all your remote IoT applications. The Gateway can cover up to 100 IoT sensing nodes using LoRaWAN radio network: Weather stations, soil monitoring, GPS applications… The Gateway can also control your actuators, such as electro-valves. You can host your own applications directly in the gateway, and connect to it through WiFi. The gateway can easily work without Internet connectivity and still provides data to end-users through its embedded database and web-based visualization module. The WaziGate features:

  • Edge capacity to host your applications
  • LoRa communication up to 10-12 Km
  • Permanent Wifi hotspot
  • Wifi/3G/Ethernet internet connection
  • Low power consumption
  • Automation
  • Remote management

The WaziGate is connected and can be controlled from the WaziCloud, when Internet is available.

WaziCloud allows you to manage your sensors, actuators and IoT data. WAZIUP Cloud platform offers everything that you need for your application:

  • Remote connection of your sensors and actuators
  • Send, receive, collect, store and analyze the data they generate
  • Manage your users and their privacy
  • Turn that data into actionable insights, in real time
  • Using SMS or mobile application for notification
  • Standard IoT protocols (HTTP and MQTT).
  • Open REST API for application development
  • Control your gateways from remote