Build IoT apps with Waziup

In this section you will see how to create web applications with Waziup. There are three approaches, from more simple to more difficult:

  • No programming: You will be able to visualize your data directly with the online dashboard. You can create complex notifications based on sensor values, and send messages via SMS, USSD, Facebook and Twitter. Finally, you can create very complex dashboards with Kibana.
  • Browser application: This kind of applicationn does not have a back-end. All its state is stored in WAZIUP Cloud, through its API. It can be created and spawn with just with two clicks! The application will be hosted and served directly from GitHub. This unique technique allows the user to create an application with no hosting cost. It is based on HTML/JavaScript languages.
  • Full stack application: More complex applications require a specific back-end. The application gets data from the WAZIUP API, and manages its own state. WAZIUP offers specific Cloud hosting for this kind of application. We provide template applications in REACTJS.