WaziDev: Arduino and LoRa in one board!


Develop your IoT application with WAZIDev! WAZIDev is a development board integrating Arduino CPU and LoRa network. Together with the WAZIUP Gateway and Cloud platform, you can develop a wide range of IoT applications. The board is highly configurable to support a wide range of sensors.

WAZIDev is a development board with embedded LoRa module that allows you to simply develop IoT sensor node as well as IoT actuator node. It is an ideal solution for start-ups and entrepreneurs who want to rapid prototype a IoT applications. Its features include:

  • Arduino Pro Mini compatible CPU
  • RFM95W LoRa module
  • Fully compatible with the Arduino development environment
  • Embedded Lipo battery charger for solar panels and low power options
  • Two pins with high current support (500mA)